Paragraph Planet was proud to be involved in FLASH-LIT FICTION Night brought to you by the makers of Grit Lit and Story Studios and also featuring Brighton publisher, Myriad Editions

Taking place in Sticky Mike's Frog Shop in Brighton on September 11th 2011, at the heart of the event was a 300-word flash fiction slam competition and an online Twitter story competition, with competitors battling it out for fame and glory.

Below, are the 5 shortlisted finalists in the two Twitter competitions (run on hashtag #flf11)

21st century

@StephanieWriter - Shakespeare's ghost joins twitter: Romeo dreams, Juliet schemes, and all ends ill. Yours, Will.

@agnieszkasshoes- Coming to the party? asked JJ. Nah, Iím busy skinning up said Sam damping a Rizla. Me too said Greg smoothing the plastic on his iPad

@jamdeb - 20th century kids wrote private thoughts in diaries kept under lock and key. Now they tweet innermost desires to the world.

@exmosis- We discovered the particle for love on the 11th of March, 2088. The first products hit the shelves in time for Christmas.

@MrRollyToYou - This is the story of an amazing boy who had so much of his life story to share with the people on Twitter, but simply ran of characte


@terryism - She could still change her mind. Priest, gawkers, the tux-clad brute await word. Tossing her posies too soon, a faint no-o escapes

@katylittlelady - One flush. No resting place. The dismantled jigsaw of cells too fragmented to retrieve. Their loss - the fallen pieces of my soul.

@exmosis - I grew up around the trees of this forest. 89 years and one cheap dagger later, now they grow up around me.

@Mr_Matt_Reilly - 'U spent ur life makin ur name in gold,' she said, wiping blood from his nameplate. 'Ironic ur life is now spent by ur name in gold.'

@Jess_Laa - Limbs flailing to the beat, vision blurring in the dancing light. Intoxication stopped her heart from aching. The ambulance sped on

Plus the winner of the LIVE #flf11 Tweet:

@vickih - I met a man on a train. He had a laptop. He went to the toilet. I thought about nicking it. I didn't.

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